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  • A tremendous thank you to all students, staff and parents at West Elementary that have contributed in achieving an “A” School status with the Indiana Department of Education for the 2015-2016 academic year!  West Elementary is a great place to learn and grow.
    Our Warriors work hard every day to Respect, Work and Achieve!

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    Monday, March 27 through Friday, March 31, 2017

  • Domino's Dough Raising night is the first Wednesday of each month.

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A friendly reminder to West families: so that they can be safely supervised, students may be dropped off at West at 7:30 a.m. At that time, the gym and cafeteria are open and students can be admitted into the building. Front doors will be open at 7:15 a.m. for students to wait in the foyer. Thank you to all the West community for your work and help in keeping our kids safe!





West Family Members:
That is a phrase your child will hear a lot this year at West Elementary. We certainly know it is true. For kids, like adults, the future is made by the present. We know, for instance, that a student’s success in high school can be directly traced to his/her success in elementary school. It is a long-standing economic fact that the more education a child has, the greater his/her lifetime earnings will be. For us at West, we see it as a critical component of our job to help students – even those in the early grades – begin thinking about life after high school.
We are going to prioritize this idea in a variety of ways this year. For our 5th graders, we will likely have a field trip later in the year to the University of Southern Indiana and/or the University of Evansville, giving students the opportunity to see a college campus and envision themselves as a part of it. Further, one of the parent programs we’ll hold this Fall will feature a bank official who will help parents begin planning and saving for their child’s post-secondary education. Stay turned for more details on these and other exciting programs.
We strongly encourage West families to reinforce with your student that their tomorrow begins today. We want all of West’s children to be engrained with the idea that high school will not be the end of their education. As the principal, I want every West student to walk through the halls of this school embracing the idea that “I am going to go to college, trade school, etc…”
I ask all West’s families to partner with us on this important mindset.
  • Drop-Off and Pick-Up Procedures: As in previous years, students may be dropped off at West’s front entrance no earlier than 7:30 a.m. Students can be picked up after school by following the traffic flow in front of the building. For the safety of students, visitors, and staff, we ask that you remain in your vehicle and let one of our staff members escort your child to the vehicle.
  • Student Breakfast and Lunch: The cost of a student breakfast is $1.25, while lunch is $1.95. As in previous years, students may deposit money in their cafeteria account.
While every school year is different from the one before it, you will notice a few new things here at West this year. By the first day of school, our playground will have a new blacktop and play areas for students. We also will continue to explore a partnership with the University of Southern Indiana to bring a foreign language program of some sort to West; a program which has been shown to dramatically raise student achievement in a variety of ways.

You will see any number of new faces on the West staff this year, faces we hope you and your student will get to know over the course of the school year.

On behalf of our staff, I want to welcome you and your student to a new school year here at West. We once again look forward to partnering with you to help make your child’s tomorrow everything it can be.

Title 1 Parent Policy

West Elementary School
A Targeted Assistance School
Title I Parent Involvement Policy
West Elementary School intends to follow the parental policy guidelines in accordance with No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 as listed below. This policy is distributed to parents of students participating in the Title I program and is updated annually with input from parents, staff, students and administration.
West Elementary School believes that learning is a shared responsibility between students, staff, parents, and the community. This policy is intended to help us meet that responsibility.
Annual Meeting
West Elementary will hold an annual meeting for students of Title I parents in the fall of each school year. Parents will be informed of the meeting by written invitation, Title I and school newsletters, the school website, and follow up phone calls to parents.  Two meeting times will be offered.
At this meeting the requirements of the Title I program and its structure for delivery of service will be explained. Parents will also be informed at this meeting of their right to request information on the qualifications of their child’s teacher and paraprofessional. A letter with this information will be sent to each family following the annual meeting.
At the Annual Meeting, the principal will provide information on academic assessments used to measure student progress such as Aimsweb, Acuity, and ISTEP. Information on student proficiency levels on the Indiana Standards and current classroom curriculum usage will also be explained.
If parents would like opportunities for extended opportunities to participate, they may request attending the SIT meetings. Parents may also meet with their student’s individual teachers or Title I staff to provide suggestions and input into decisions relating to the education of their child. 
School-Parent-Student Compactà
The West Elementary School-Parent-Student Compact is a written agreement of what school staff, students, and parents will do to help students achieve their potential and to support the School Improvement Goal of improving literacy and reading. Students agree to do their part in learning and achieving. This Compact will be distributed to parents at the Annual Meeting and posted on the school website. Parents will be advised of their right to comment on the compact and to make suggestions for change. The compact will be reviewed annually by parents, school staff, and students.
à Copy attached
Staff-Parent Communication
Communication with parents will take place using a variety of methods including a monthly School Newsletter, the Title I Parents as Partners newsletter, the school website, http://www.msdmv.kI2.in.us/west/, written communication through the student’s agenda book and other notes, phone calls and conferences as necessary. Parents can also monitor their child’s grades on the Parent Internet Viewer website. These communications may include material on how parents can improve their child’s achievement, information on opportunities for training on ways to help their child, and information which will help parents with decision-making related to the education of their child. Information sent home will be written in a form and language that parents can understandParents may also request additional support activities or training and communication links to better facilitate school-parent involvement.
Parent Resource Center
A Parent Resource Center is under construction at West Elementary School with input from parents, staff and administrator. The Center will provide parents with books, DVD’s, and a variety of games and manipulatives to assist parents in giving their children additional help with academics at home. Materials covering child development, parenting skills and other family oriented topics will also be available in a variety of formats. Programs on ways to help children with academics at home and on parenting topics will be offered on at least a quarterly basis. A Parent Resource Center Calendar will be made available at West and on the school website.
Parent, School Community Partnerships Initiative
A committee consisting of a West Title I teacher, the Title I Parent Involvement Coordinator and eleven parents of Title I and non Title I students will participate in training conducted by The Indiana Academy for Parent and School Leadership on developing a Family, School, and Community Partnerships Initiative. The goal is to create an initiative which supports and compliments West’s School Improvement Team goal of improving reading and literacy. The initiative will encourage partnerships with businesses and community members to assist in supporting the goal. As part of this training, West teachers will be provided training on the value and utility of the contributions of parents, and in how to reach out to them as equal partners in education.
Revised February 2010

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